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Qingdao Haiyanuoer Biological Chemical Co., Ltd. Is a collection development, production (polyester processing) and sales to production and processing of high-tech environmentally friendly products based bio-chemical companies.

Companies using scientific, innovative production formula, technologically advanced production technology, modern standard production and processing equipment, the establishment of an independent laboratory and pilot plant, product testing equipment advanced, well-equipped, has a number of biological experts and professional technicians extract . The main products are sodium alginate, natural paste, bio-organic and inorganic thickeners. Our products are widely used in printing and dyeing, textile, food, biological, pharmaceutical, fine chemical, paper, welding materials manufacturing and other industries and fields. We can according to user needs, providing alginate products and auxiliaries.

Noel Biological Chemical Co., Ltd. Qingdao Yahya in the Yellow Sea, Jiaozhou Bay, Qingdao west coast economic area, away from Qingdao International Airport, 100KM, from Qingdao harbor front 20KM, strategic location, land and air transportation. The company has "import and export right," adhering to the "honesty, mutual win-win" business philosophy, through a number of product quality system certification, in the fierce market competition.

Yahya Noel Biological Chemical Co., Ltd. as a fast-growing young companies, will be dedicated to the market and users to provide better products and services, welcome customers to contact cooperation!

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